Our Commitment to Research

Purina Mills is the industry leader in cattle research. Our 1,200-acre Research Center in Gray Summit, Missouri opened in 1926. Here, our Beef Research Team plays a critical role in understanding the nutritional requirements of animals based on life stage. We develop products and programs to fit your cattle and forage situations.

Studies are conducted in cow-calf and bull nutrition to optimize appearance and productivity; calf research, to reduce stress at weaning; ingredient palatability; heifer development; and feeding management. We feature hand-feeding products for the nutrition of your cattle. Purina Mills also focuses heavily on the use of IM Technology™ (Intake Modifying Technology)., the foundation for Controlled Intake Systems, to maximize use of your greatest resource, your grass or hay, while providing predictable proof of performance for both systems.   

The Beef Cattle Research center features research in four key areas:


Large Animal Metabolism Unit (LAMU)
This facility helps us understand how forage is digested and the factors we can influence to increase intake and digestion of your greatest resource—your grass or hay. Our research efforts have led us to understand the importance of stability of the digestive system. This means stabilizing the flow of nutrients from the supplement with multiple, small snacks daily to optimize the digestive process and improve forage utilization.


Intake Modifying Programs and Computerized Tracking Facility (IMPACT)
This facility provides key information on total intake of a supplement or complete diet with and without the IM Technology™ allows Purina Mills to understand consumption on an individual animal basis, providing information on how much, how many, and when the largest and smallest meals are consumed each day in relation to the quality of the forage.

Grazing Clocks
The grazing clock allows Purina Mills to understand the total amount of time cattle spend grazing. We know today that cattle utilizing the IM Technology™ through one of our Controlled Intake Systems such as Accuration™, Sup-R-Lix®, or Sup-R-Block® will graze 15 percent to 20 percent longer than they will with supplements that don’t contain IM Technology™



The pedometer allows us to understand distance traveled. We also know that utilizing Purina Mills IM Technology™ will significantly increase the distance traveled by the animal, thus increasing the overall pasture use or grazing distribution of the cattle in your pasture.


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