Controlled Intake Systems

Welcome to Purina Mills’ Controlled Intake Systems, providing:

  •  Controlled Intake: Predictable Performance based on the quality of your forage. The higher the quality of your forage, the lower the intake of the supplement; the poorer the quality of the forage, the higher the intake of the supplement to meet cattle’s need for optimal performance for growth or reproduction.
  • Controlled Intake: Predictable Performance optimizing nutrient flow to cattle and their digestive system by causing them to come to the feeder multiple times daily, consuming small supplemental snacks each time they come, enhancing both forage digestion and intake. 
  • Controlled Intake:  Predictable Performance results in precision feeding, delivering nutrition with flexibility based on the needs of your cattle. As your grass or hay increases in quality, intake of the supplement goes down, sometimes to zero. As your grass or hay decreases in quality and contains limited nutrients for optimal performance, intake of the supplement goes up to meet the nutritional needs of your cattle. We deliver precise nutrient levels regardless of your forage quality.
  • Controlled Intake: Predictable Performance maximizes your pasture or hay intake and utilization. Want to increase intake of poor-quality forages? We have the technology to help you get there while significantly increasing grazing time by as much as 15 percent-20 percent.

    Want to get full utilization of your pasture, reducing grazed-out spots that contrast with other parts of your pasture that have no utilization? We provide enhanced grazing distribution because your cattle are not waiting for their next feeding—it’s available in the feeder on a 24-hour basis. Bottom line: more of your cow’s needs are met through forage and less from the supplement.

  • Controlled Intake: Predictable Performance provides herd uniformity through nutritional equity. What is nutritional equity? When you hand feed, do all cattle respond to your call? In many situations, you are feeding to supply cattle’s needs in critical stages prior to or during calving or trying to get stockers to grow optimally on your greatest resource, your grass. If they are calving, they are less likely to be there at your call each time with hand feeding. Additionally, when you call the cattle to feed them, you are interrupting the very thing you want them to do-graze! 

    Purina Mills’ ability to effectively control intake on a daily basis allows the supplement to be available 24 hours a day. Purina Mills’ Controlled Intake Systems are available when they want to eat! That means all cattle have access when and where they need it. We eliminate the boss cow, or stocker, providing the same nutritional levels to all of your cattle all of the time. Even your timid cattle get what they need.
  • Controlled Intake: Predictable Performance lowers the cost of delivering your supplement by replacing daily hand feeding with once-per-week feeding utilizing Purina Mills’ Controlled Intake Systems. Hand feeding range cubes, a grain mix, or commodities on a daily basis can be very labor and vehicle intensive. Just getting to all the cattle can take extensive periods of time. And, time is money!

    Purina Mills’ Controlled Intake Systems have helped ranchers significantly reduce their overall delivery cost. If you are hand feeding on a daily basis, there are multiple costs you incur just to get that supplement to your cattle, such as labor (yours or those you hire), and vehicle costs such as maintenance, fuel, and depreciation. And these costs aren’t getting any lower!

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    We have found that just delivering a hand-fed product or mix costs the producer roughly 26 cents/head/day over and above the cost of the supplement itself. Utilizing Purina Mills’ Controlled Intake Systems costs about 9 cents/head/day to deliver to the feeder once per week. That’s a delivery cost savings of 17 cents/head/day or, over a 150-day feeding period, of $26/head.
  • Controlled Intake: Predictable Performance provides the nutrition your cattle need regardless of the weather. Hand feeding on a daily or every-other-day basis can have additional limitations. If weather is bad, are you able to get the feed to the cattle when they need it the most? Purina Mills’ Controlled Intake Systems provide 24-hour access regardless of weather!



Four Controlled Intake Systems:
Each system is built on IM Technology™ specific to the following characteristics:

  1. feed form – block, liquid, or meal;
  2. intake modifier type;
  3. intake modifier level based on animal weight and forage quality.


Designed specifically for the cow, heifer development, growing stockers or yearlings, bull conditioning prior to breeding, bull development, and even creep feeding. This system is delivered in a dry meal that is generally fed in a bulk feeder.


Designed specifically for the cow and bull, heifer development, and growing stockers or yearlings. This system is delivered in a liquid form that is usually fed in lick wheel feeders.


Designed for the cow and bull, heifer development, and growing stockers or yearlings. This system was introduced as the first weather proof block that requires no feeder or equipment.


Designed for starting, growing, and finishing cattle. This system is delivered in complete feeds or concentrates to be mixed with your feedstuffs and provide intake modification whether they are fed free-choice in bulk feeders or in well managed bunks.